An overview of selected projects we have done for our clients.

Appliances design Industrial design Pop-Pos Product design


Stealth key and padlock

Gasification boiler

Server applience

Horizontal boring machine WFT 13

Horizontal boring machine WFT 11

Portable floating pump

Printing terminal Pro 4

Card reader for multufunctional devices


Electrostimulation therapy device

Pressing station

Modular lighting

Multifunctional flashlight

Coockware set

Fireplace regulation Reg 150

Button for the pedestrian crossing

Air purifier

Measuring device MDtest


Cobalt radiotherapy irradiator

Mobile welding device

Uniform design for CNC milling and eroding machine

Transmission electron mircoscope

Neck protector for ice hockey players

Chin protector for ice hockey players

Photovoltaic system module

Bite indicator and reciever Fishtron NEON

Equipment of information center at Bohunice

Iodine detector

Attendance terminal


Water filter

Motion sensor for fishermen

Film dosimeter

Fireplace regulation R110

Ventilation regulation device

Sensor of air quality

Control panel TouchCue

Control panel of stage technology

Swimming pool regulation

Spectrometre PGIS

Stand for reading QR codes

Reduction for Diag 4 analyzers


Swimming pool regulation ASIN Aqua

Horizontal boring machine HCW

Carousel lathe SKD

Gantry machining center FRUQ

Horizontal boring machine WFC 10 CNC

Dosimetric cabin ExitScan

Electronic microscope GM

Gas detector

Air conditioning unit

Tool case

Rail crossing

Control console for electronic microscope


Fireplace regulation R100

Horizontal boring machine WD 160 CNC

Panel Intelivision

Electrolyzer ASIN Salt

Fireplace regulation R70

GSM car alarm EMA

Security MMS camera

Bite indicator and receiver Micro

Standing switchboard

Frame press for windows

Lorgnon Hoya

Standing switchboard for railroad carriers


Horizontal desk boring machine WRF

Fireplace regulation R50

Electronic microscope XM

Control panel AirCUE

Modular printing terminal

Towing vehicle for rail vehicles washing machines

Copy machine

Bio ethanol fireplace

CNC cylindrical grinder BUC E

Special purpose devices

Fireplace regulation Reg 350

Bite indicator for fishermen


Info centre of power plant Ledvice

Cable case Wire

Personal people metre

Fireplace regulation R300

Printing terminal Ultralight

Combined remote control

Printing on bicycle helmets

Cover of gantry milling machine

Horizontal desk boring machine WFT

Side table amusement arcades

Display stand SONY BRAVIA

Analyzer of exhaust fumes

Analyzer COMPACT

Electronic microscope LM

Display stand KMV

Promo set for breweries


Saw for metal COMPACT 460

Band saw for metal INDIVIDUAL

Circular saw for metal

Band saw for metal

Shop in shop - Citybank

Electronic microscope Indusem

Multifunctional access terminal

Printing terminal Professional


Measuring device Gigatest

Semi-automatic serograph MAGRA

Hydromassage bathtub

X-ray simulator Terasix

Gantry table for waterjet cutting

System of waterjet cutting Free Beam

Shop display box Nivea

Wifi sensor

Fire alarm

Fireplace regulation R200

Button for pedestrians

Handle of chisel


Contactless attendance terminal

Shop furniture SONY

Display stand LuckyStrike

Shop in Shop LM

Display stand Starobrno

Lift Panellift extension

Key head

Control counter

Handles for industrial blades

Bin to public transport


Panel measuring device


Radiotherapy irradiator Terabalt

Offset printing press

Heat pump Chameleon

Sensor faucet AUK-1

Indicator of heating costs

Fitness machine

GPS tracker

Packaging line for pallets

Garden grill Picollo


Aerobic fitness dumbbells

Polarized lamp for light therapy

Industrial burner for brickkilns

Fastening elements

Meat grinder

External USB GPRS modem

Bench for public spaces

Hockey skates Ice Hawk Pro

Electronic microscope LVEM

Mobile control counter


Hand hacksaw

Bottle opener

Garden grill Viggo

Digital position indication

Vibration measuring device


Cover of decanter

PC mouse