Industrial design

Industrial design

Appliances design Industrial design Pop-Pos Product design

Gasification boiler

Horizontal boring machine WFT 13

Horizontal boring machine WFT 11

Pressing station

Mobile welding device

Uniform design for CNC milling and eroding machine

Horizontal boring machine HCW

Carousel lathe SKD

Gantry machining center FRUQ

Horizontal boring machine WFC 10 CNC

Horizontal desk boring machine WRF

Dosimetric cabin ExitScan

Electronic microscope GM

Electronic microscope XM

Horizontal boring machine WD 160 CNC

Air conditioning unit

Tool case

Towing vehicle for rail vehicles washing machines

Copy machine

Saw for metal COMPACT 460

Band saw for metal INDIVIDUAL

Circular saw for metal

Band saw for metal

CNC cylindrical grinder BUC E

Rail crossing

Special purpose devices

Standing switchboard

Cover of gantry milling machine

Semi-automatic serograph MAGRA

Horizontal desk boring machine WFT

Electronic microscope LM

Electronic microscope Indusem

X-ray simulator Terasix

Radiotherapy irradiator Terabalt

Gantry table for waterjet cutting

System of waterjet cutting Free Beam

Industrial burner for brickkilns

Offset printing press

Cover of decanter

Hockey skates Ice Hawk Pro

Electronic microscope LVEM

Packaging line for pallets