Printing terminal Professional

Y Soft

Assignment – for the Y Soft company, we developed the design and constructional documentation for a printer terminal. The cover of the terminal consists of two plastic shells. The upper part contains the LCD touch screen. The proportions and shaping of the terminal accept the applied electronics and respect the necessity to use several different card and chip scanners. The upper part corresponds with the existing lower part.

Concept and Design – starting with a detailed analysis, we created several concept options of the look of the cover. The proposed schemes show the overall composition, forming and colouring. The schemes were visualized and also presented as technical illustrations in both printed and electronic versions. One option covers four A3 pages.

Construction – the chosen form option was completed with a CAD construction of the part. The construction was carried out in 3D CAD SolidWorks. The client received constructional data in industrial standards IGES and STEP and in native formats SW. Reduced-dimension drawings of the proposed covers formed part of the supplied package.

Realization – using the constructional documentation, we supplied prototypes of plastic cover parts. The prototype was produced using SLS technology from PA 2200 materials.

Creating strategies and thought-out products.

Project development

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