Control console of Vacushape machine

Wellness Profi

Assignment – Wellness Profi asked us to redesign the control console of the VacuShape training machine. The console was to be designed as a self-contained unit attached to the machine by supporting bars. It\\\'s form had to comply with the proposed production technology, PUR casting in vacuum into hard moulds.

Analysis – we analysed all accessible information in review of the given requirements. The result was a definition of suitable forms so that the newly designed look became the characteristic element of the machine and differentiated it from competitive products.

Concept – during this part of the project, we suggested four concept options of the look of the control console and attached supporting bars. Each option contained a different form concept. All options however complied with the defined production technology of the control console\\\'s plastic parts.

Design – the client chose the \\\"beetle\\\" concept, where the ventilators and loudspeakers were attached via flexible tubes to the board. This shape remotely reminds one of beetle antennae. This option was then finalized and the resulting outer geometry was defined.

Construction – in the next step, we prepared a complete constructional documentation of the separate plastic parts of the console sized to the parametric construction model and reduced-dimension drawings. A SLS model including surface finishing was prepared from 3D data.

Realisation – the project was completed with the creation of hard moulds on a quintaxial machining centre and the subsequent production of the pilot series. At present, additional plastic parts of the control console are being supplied.

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