Radiotherapy irradiator Terabalt


Assignment – The company UJP PRAHA addressed us with the demand to design the x-ray simulator Terasix. The simulator was to be composed of a rotating arm and mobile table. It is assumed that the table will be used together with the Terabalt appliance of innovated make. The form of the arm cover should therefore be in line with the design of the Terabalt appliance; thus the unified form will characterize the UJP Praha products.

Analysis – We carried out an analysis of all available information including present competitive products. The resulting definition of a suitable form enabled the newly designed look to fully conform to present trends - whilst in certain fields, it created these trends by itself.

Concept – We designed three various original appearance concepts of the cover and its individual parts. The schemes show the overall composition and forming, applied materials and their processing methods. The schemes are presented via visualizations and technical illustrations in printed and electronic form. One option encompasses ten A3 pages.
Design – The selected form and concept option, which optimally reflected the intention of the client, was further elaborated into designer documentation. This documentation defined the visible cover of the appliance, its composition and colouring. The suggestions were visualized in both printed and electronic form. 3D surface models were presented in IGES format.

Construction – In the following phase, we produced complete 3D constructional and manufacturing documentation in the CAD system.

Implementation – In accordance with the client\'s requirements, we continue to cooperate during the construction and manufacture of the prototypes. The forms of the appliance correspond to the TERABALT appliance. The concept is comprised of laminate parts, which are mounted and fixed using the DualLock system.

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