Control console of Tescan microscope



While producing a new mould for plastic part of the console, the client asked for redesign of the current console designed by our studio in 2008. We were supposed to focus particularly on simple production of cover, but also on further possibilities of placing control panels.

On the basis of the new requirements and current experience we analysed the project and included current trends in technology and design development in order to create a timeless product.

We created a number of variants with different formats and placing of controls in the conceptual phase. We attempted to keep the concept of one plastic shell and one or two cover metal or plastic parts. We also tried to combine a number of materials.

While developing the design and consulting with the client, we finally decided for the \"longitudinal\" concept of the console, which allows for better access to the controls. We created 4 variants and then tried different placing of the controls on the winning one.

On the basis of the selected variant we prepared a 3D CAD model in the programme SolidWorks and comprised project documentation which was consequently used for production of prototype and the final version.

Regarding the request of the client we continued on co-operation in construction and production of the final prototype. The console consists of a plastic shell and top coated metal sheet with printing, on which metal chassis with mounting elements is glued.

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