Waterjet cutting


Assignement – The company PTV asked us to work on the design of a new compact water jet cutting unit. The machine was supposed to have a work surface of max. 1000 x 1000mm with a one-sided rear lodgement of the actuating arm. The client wished unifying form elements and sets, which would distinguish the product from competitive products. There should be the creation of a characteristic form, which could then be applied to further products of the client\\\'s production programme.

Analysis – We analysed all available information with respect to the given requirements. The resulting definition of a suitable form enabled the newly designed look to fully conform to present trends - whilst in certain fields, it created these trends by itself.

Concept – During this part of the project, we suggested four various appearance concepts of individual machine form units. The schemes show the overall composition and forming, applied and recommended materials and their processing methods. The schemes are presented via visualizations and technical illustrations in printed and electronic form. One option encompasses five A3 pages. The client received both the printed and electronic version in PDF format; 3D files of visible surfaces were supplied in IGES format.

Design – The final project phase is the design, where the presented concept option selected by the client is further elaborated into designer documentation. The client chose option No. 3 with a slight adjustment of colour combinations.

Construction – Following the agreement with the client, we prepared CAD documentation of the selected parts. The documentation was processed in the SolidWorks 2007 system and included 3D models, production drawings for individual parts and set-ups.

Implementation – In accordance with the client\\\'s needs we continued to cooperate during the construction and production of prototypes. The design of the shield bears formative elements, which are applied on follow-up products of the client. The table measures 1x1m, optionally 1x2m. The dynamic design of the shielding characterizes the material cutting process, which takes place inside the appliance.

Creating strategies and thought-out products.

Project development

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