Wireless sensor Westico


Assignment – the client required the design and manufacturing documentation of a WIFI tag. This is an appliance which monitors the position of the object to which it is attached within the WiFi net. The concept involves a cover consisting of three parts and a holder. The holder enables the attachment of the WiFi tag to defined objects - pallets, tubes or walls using bands. The holder shall contain a magnet in order to sense the presence of the tag. The tag itself should be equipped with a fixing device for attachment to a neck cord. The cover and holder should be designed to enable production in two-part forms, if possible avoiding side cores.

Analysis – we analysed all available information with regard to the set task. The result of this phase was the definition of suitable shaping so that the newly designed look fully conformed to modern trends and, in certain ways, actually created these trends.

Concept – we processed concept suggestions in six author variations.

Design – the option selected by the client was further elaborated into details and presented in various colour combinations.

Construction – during the following phase, we created the complete constructional and production documentation in the 3D CAD system.

Realisation – during the entire time, our project team was in close contact with designated employees of the client in order ensure a smooth and trouble-free cooperation, which is essential for the achievement of set objectives.

Innovative, systematic and complex design.

Project development

  • Projektová dokumetace
  • Design
  • Idea
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